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In memory of Tyson…
“You know where to find me, whenever you need me. If you know the ave, follow the path.”
– Special Ed ‘Crooklyn’

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MIKE SCHOFIELD AKA ELEKTRO4 IS A NY-BASED PRODUCER who started playing drums at an early age and DJing in the ’90s (it was KMD’s “Peach Fuzz” that lured him in). Dude’s production chops also go way back, and his catalog, which includes some 45s and a full-length, can be heard on skate videos and TV shows. For his sophomore album on Chicago’s Headrums Records, Schofield unveils 13 beats composed of psychedelic textures, dusty drums, and a soulful thread that brings continuity to the entire project. A lot of beats albums tend to leave listeners with a wish-there-was-a-mc-on-here feeling, but not this one; Schofield’s apt use of samples and his knack for constantly adding (or taking away) details leaves Archaeometry with no stale moments. “Dansa” is definitely one of the highlights, but “First Beam,” “Aki’s Theme,” “Nothing Left,” and “The Asylum” are also good.” – TurntableLab

Music and Art by ElekTro4 (Mike Schofield) at Resource Room NYC
Mastered by Pete Lyman, Infrasonic Mastering
Released on Heardrums Records

Thank You
Dreas for believing in the project, helping me realize a goal, and inspiration.
Joe Beats for the infinite inspiration and the first ears I trust after my own.
DJ Signify for all the help and guidance with my first album, without which this album would have never been realized.
Jodi for the 30+ years of friendship, guidance with the album artwork, and endless inspiration.

All of my friends and family for your support and love – Thank you!

Intro Seventy-Four | First Beam | Nothing Left | Free I and I | Worry | The Asylum | Dansa | Everybody Day | Aki’s Theme | Sleepwalker | Take Me With You | Offering of Channels | First Beam Reprise